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The Art of the Hack

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June 4th, 2006

12:33 pm
Anybody wanna game?

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September 1st, 2003

10:26 am
If the campaign is oficially dead, maybe we can schedule a meeting to play card games or such. Could be fun. If we get at least 8 people there we can play Are You A Werewolf?

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August 27th, 2003

09:33 pm
If Hack isn't on Sataurday, when is it?

I'm busy Sunday.
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July 14th, 2003

10:19 am - Next Game
To quote Beverly: "Hack is scheduled for Sunday August 9th. Be there or be Square."

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10:13 am - hack
Hack is scheduled for Sunday August 9th. Be there or be Square.

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May 22nd, 2003

08:15 am - Yes, we shall play....
...Hack! on Sunday, 8 June (that's Pentecost or Whitsunday for you Christian types). Noon-thirty-ish or so. At the usual place.

Slightly cross-posted.

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April 1st, 2003

04:56 pm - HACK
Sunday? Noonish?

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March 28th, 2003

12:00 am - Hack schedule
Is there a Hack session for this weekend? How about this month? Next month? Officially disbanded?

Anyone? Bueller?
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January 21st, 2003

04:56 pm - Well, let's see....
Alright, then, I'll take a stab at it.

The B team (although Bowie now thinks of them as the A Team and Team 1), arrived at the Twin Cities of Dwim and Jellig (sp?) with our escorted herald barely the worse for wear. We delivered him to the Duchess, only to discover that our charge had been none other than the Duke of Jedvard himself! This was not purely the greatest shock ever, but radically improved our tip! In fact, Team 1 has now been commissioned to go to Druvel and spread the news of the Duke's engagement.

The A team needed to train Team 1 some. While this was going on, Hutch took several of the crew, including Oak, Lavatar, Bingo and Verdaya out in the field for no good reason. In meta-gaming, Hutch was less than 500 points from levelling again. In character -- hey! He's misguided!

We kicked a fair amount of giant, jumping spider booty -- at no loss of life to ourselves. If we can find the spiders lair without getting attacked again, we could even make some money!

March is off to the altar -- although he's been finding a lot of reasons not to. Hutch still has to formally level. Team 1 has to embark on their world tour and Huron and Hutch have a little side deal they're looking to pull off in Dwim.

And Thom had announced we were going to tie up a few loose ends and start our new scenario that day. Didn't happen. Almost made him cry....

Anything else to add?
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Current Music: DUSSEK: Sonata #3, op. 20

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January 15th, 2003

11:31 am - Lovely XP's
The day started with not much promise.

We had to escort a herald to Dwim and now with the winter gone i didn't expect a whole lot of creatures on the road.

First night passed with no action (If you dont count the giant bee's). Next night we convinced the Manager of the "Merry Stoat" to let us crash on the floor so we didnt have to sleep in the barn. He was very nice about it and we passed the night in somewhat comfort. The Inn wasnt done yet, odd octagonal room up top wasnt quite done. couple more weeks. Hopefully by the time we head back to the CoC! Training dontcha know.

Middle of the next day we ran into a Hill Giant walking calmly towards us whistling and carrying a huge bag that was clinking. Well you know us. I tried to talk but when he called us Hors d'oeuvres---the hack was on. Bowie talked him into taking a nap before the arduous task of eating us, and since we were fairly caught we would cook ourselves up and wake him when we were done.

We must have gotten a lucky roll cause he went to sleep and we all gathered around to kill him. One person got in a hit then it was Bardner's turn with his axe of rapid wacks and that's all she wrote for that giant.

As we were done cutting off the head and gathering blood for magical purposes (turns out the blood was useless and we tossed it), we heard a female voice loudly calling for Elmer (or some such E name).

Hoping she wouldn't notice us we loaded the loot and head onto the cart and took off.

No such luck, we knew she saw us when the boulder came crashing down and hit Miss talks a lot. Giantess threw another and hit Bardner. Then Bowie got his/her act together and created a 10 foot wide Phantasmal Force to make the Giantess think we were cowering in the grass mourning out dead.

Meanwhile we are running towards her to attempt the kill. As she is throwing more rocks, Bowie is making sure to make the blood and gore where the rocks are landing spectacular. Giant lady threw a sheep also and he made chunks and chops go flying.

She figured it out though when Matt kept hitting her with arrows and Tam kept hitting her from above, but we were all just cowering. She disappered down the hermit cave with Tam in hot pursuit. We all follow her in and find the Hermit and some sheep hanging upside-down in the cave, ready to be cooked but still alive. He showed us to the old larder that seemed to have become a deep pit over night.

We threw down a torch and Tam and Bowie went flying down after her to show us telepathically what they were seeing. Matt pulled a Bond and went sliding down the ladder. The ladder wasnt quite as smooth as the ones that Bond uses though, so Matt took 4 points of damage sliding down the ladder going (wubbawubbawubbawubbawubba). After I jumped down the hole the party at the top tried to call me back to tie a rope around me. Since I was in the middle of the ladder I didnt hear. So Sarahs-Mrs. doesnt talk quite as much but close- headed down the ladder/wall with the rope. Since she has climb wall and wasn't going quite as quickly she didnt take any damage.

We got down to the bottom and Bowie was calling for a quick retreat. The giantess was on her knees breathing hard and someone (I forget) delivered the death blow. We then saw some large glowing eyes get a little brighter (the reason for the retreat). Possible being set free from a spell like how Theoden got a little brighter? and we see it's a huge worm with massive teeth and jaws of dripping acid(hence the hole). Matt gets to the bottom and is facing the other way, so only gets off 1 or 2 arrows before the worm slides backwards and seals the cave behind him.

We tell the hearld what happens and he says that explains how in his country they seem to have a infestation and they couldn't explain how they were just popping up.

We loot her and take her head into WallingBridge, get a room for the night (with bath) and proceed to drink and tell the stories out the great Giant Hunt complete with heads for graphics. Feel it's time to call it a night.
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